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Customer survey results revealed

Posted on 22 June, 2018

Hi-tech central London conference and events venue, Congress Centre, has revealed the results of its customer feedback questionnaire based on events held at the venue during 2013.

In the run up to their event, on average 96% of Congress Centre’s clients were either satisfied or very satisfied with the venue across a range of criteria including ease of contacting the venue, how their booking was handled, menu and wine list choices and the handling of catering requests leading up to the event.

During the event itself, an impressive 100% of respondents were either satisfied or very satisfied with the standard of their room, suitability of equipment and the efficiency and helpfulness of all staff, including IT specialists, along with the quality of the catering and standard of service. A significant proportion of clients had either used the venue before or had heard about it via word of mouth.


According to Robert Girvan, Centre Director at Congress Centre,

“We know from the results of previous research that customer service is something that really sets Congress Centre apart, but we were blown away by the results of our customer feedback survey during 2013. A staggering 100% of respondents said they would use the venue again and recommend it to others which is an incredible achievement for a busy London venue. We’re hoping to aim even higher in 2014 by ensuring that we achieve even more ‘very satisfied’ ratings and we also hope to encourage every client to provide us with post-event feedback. If there are negative comments out there it’s important to hear them so that we can further improve our performance as a venue.”

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