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“I really don’t usually go out of my way like this, but I do really like to highlight good quality.”

Posted on 22 June, 2018

Dear Anne and Ruby, I thought it best to share the evaluation results from our European ChemSex Forum. I hope this is helpful.

Thanks again for your efforts.

I have organised conferences and events for the past 40 years in Africa, Northern and Central America, Asia, the UK and Europe. From the moment we arrived and were personally greeted at the entrance I found the Congress Centre experience to be unique, inviting, smart, well organised, friendly and ultimately good value and conducive to excellent results for my team and our participants.

At the first site visit we were greeted at the registration area with big overhead screens with the logo for our event. (We are all smiling.) The entire place was in perfect shape, nothing laying around from the last event. The drinks and food area was brightly lit with natural lighting from above. Ceilings very very high.

Everything was relaxed and inviting. While we viewed the main meeting area [at the initial site visit], huge overhead screens were showing the room in all its capacities and set ups. So as we asked questions the host was able to demonstrate her answers by referring to the screens. I could go on but you get the point. At the tour the host led us through the costings.

Based on our situation she offered to sit with our conference planners and work out the best possible rates for us. The costs, relative to other less optimal sites, were better. The cuts made were unnoticed by our guests.

As you see from the rating [the venue received an average score of over 4.5/5 by attendees] our guests rated the site very high. And there were numerous positive comments in the detailed evaluation.

There was one very small problem. Only one. And it was dealt with as quickly as possible, without any notice by our guests.

The sound, lighting, staff relations were all of the best quality. I couldn’t praise the place more. I’ve already recommended it to a number of colleagues. Best to the Congress Centre and your efforts! Ben Collins, International HIV Partnerships