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Hearing the name Congress Centre you might assume we only accommodate meetings or conferences, yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. All year round we host a wide variety of events and make the most of our what our facilities have to offer. Our venue is versatile and adaptable, allowing us to host everything from fashion shows to Christmas parties.

Meetings and conferences might be our bread and butter, but there’s no shortage of creativity from our in-house events team who are committed to pulling every event off in style. To give you some idea of just what we’re capable of, here are a few examples of special occasions we love to host.

Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies are an unbeatable opportunity to celebrate the talent of friends, colleagues and others within your industry. But this recognition of hard work and accomplishments can come with high stakes, which often means large and extravagant ceremonies.

The ideal award ceremony venue will provide a few key things: large and flexible spaces, a broad range of high-spec AV and great transport links for guests. Congress Centre is lucky to be able to offer all of these. Our largest space, Congress Hall, has capacity for up to 320 sit-down guests and can be transformed into a truly spectacular setting for awards ceremonies. Better still, a stunning space frame ceiling allows for clear sightlines throughout the space ensuring everyone has a perfect view of the action, no matter where they’re sat.

All of our spaces are easy to brand too, including the Foyer where 103” plasma screens and customisable coloured lighting makes a big impact on guests from arrival. Award ceremonies we’ve hosted in the past include Britain’s Top Designer Awards and the likes of Warner Brothers too.

Source: Congress Centre


Exhibitions are an important part of nearly every industry and so we’re proud to be able to accommodate them with ease. From the little to the big things, we know exactly what an exhibition takes as we host several every year. Our team are experienced in making sure clients receive everything they’d expect from modern exhibition centre in London.


Making sure you have enough space should be your top consideration – you can’t risk hiring a venue that doesn’t hold all your exhibitors and visitors! Congress Centre offers a range of spaces that can be used together or individually to accommodate your numbers. Our Congress Hall has over 430sq ft of floorspace and if that isn’t enough, it opens up directly onto the Foyer and our Congress Suite for more if required.

Source: Congress Centre

Some things can get overlooked in planning an exhibition despite them being vital to the event. Power is one, with every exhibitor likely to need access to at least one plug socket for their stand. Our larger spaces are kitted out with 63-amp, 3 phase power, ideal for larger exhibitions as within Congress Hall it means we can accommodate up to 270 sockets at 13 amps – plenty to go around! WiFi is also often taken for granted these days, but when there’s potential for hundreds of people to be using it at once, a fast connection with plenty of bandwidth is a must. Not only does Congress Centre offers free standard WiFi but it’s supported by a 1GB fibre optic line, ideal for keeping guests and exhibitors alike happy.

The location of an exhibition venue also can’t be overlooked. If there are hundreds of visitors attending it has to be easy to get to, so luckily Congress Centre is located no more than a few minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road tube station. Great location? Check.


A banquet should be a truly special occasion for those attending and so the event itself should be nothing short of spectacular. Our Congress Suite and Congress Hall are both well suited to banqueting events, able to accommodate 190 and 320 respectively. All you have to do is pick the setting of your choice before getting stuck into those all-important finer details.

Naturally, the food is the star of the show at a banquet event so it’s essential to get it right for your guests. We offer a set banqueting menu full of delicious dishes like Roast Sirloin of Beef served on Horseradish MashGarlic Roasted Rump of Lamb served on Dauphinoise Potato or Baked Vanilla Cheesecake served with a Compote of Berries and Raspberry Coulis. But in case your mouth isn’t watering yet, our head chef Damon is always happy to sit down and discuss ideas to create a more bespoke menu, ensuring you serve up a dinner that goes down a treat.

Source: Congress Centre

The atmosphere of a banquet is a crucial part of the event too and the flexibility of Congress Centre’s spaces allows for supreme control in creating that perfect setting. Full black-out blinds, LED coloured lighting and seamlessly brandable spaces; our banqueting venue has everything you need in-house to get your guests in the mood.

Fashion Shows

We love an opportunity to break-out the catwalk at Congress Centre. Several of our spaces can be transformed into a perfectly stylish setting and many of these have adjacent rooms that can be opened up into for convenient hair and make-up access.

The Congress Hall’s incredible versatility makes it particularly well-suited to shows, giving organisers the freedom to place their catwalk in many different positions as well as make the most of the space’s state-of-the-art AV. Customised lighting and sound design works to build an atmosphere for attendees, whilst the 1950s modernist architecture is ideal for making your event stand out.

Event management company and online magazine, Fashion’s Finest, has used Congress Centre for the last two years as the fashion show venue for their twice-annual runway event. Our large 500-guest capacity, full accessibility and the expertise offered by our incredible in-house event team is what made us their top pick. Plus, being placed so close Soho and the West End is always a draw for fashion show organisers.

Source: Fashion’s Finest

Film shoots

Film shoots are an exciting chance for us to push boundaries on what we can do at Congress Centre. Meeting the specific requirements of film shoots can bring challenges but the venue is adaptable enough to accommodate just about anything a crew might need.

We’ve enjoyed hosting big-name productions in the last few years, including the award-winning BBC drama Killing Eve, Netflix’s beloved series The Crown as well as the most recent Richard Gere production, BBC’s MotherFatherSon.

Source: BBC

Our venue is particularly unique as a London shooting location with its stand-out 1950s architecture and original features like the floor to ceiling wood-panelling in our Council Chamber (above, used in this scene for MotherFatherSon) and the stunning backdrop of our Marble Hall (featured in The Crown, below).

Source: Netflix

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