Foyer : Branding Capabilities

Congress Centre Branding and Tech Capabilities Video Landscape

Arrival at Congress Centre

  • When people arrive at Congress Centre reception, they’re met with instant impact. A plasma screen is available to use to promote your brand or event. You can display your logo, event name and social media content presentation.
  • The reception area also has two ‘Congress Centre’ LED lit signs which can be changed to match your colour branding for your event.
  • The Foyer is located on the lower ground floor and leads directly to Congress Hall. If your event requires more space, Congress Suite, on the same level, is ideal for meetings, break-out space or smaller workshops running alongside your main event.

Foyer Branding

  • As guests make their way down to the Foyer, they become immersed into your brand and event. A 103” plasma screen, linked to the computer in the main office, makes a huge impact on guests and also saves the need for printed branding making your event more sustainable.The Foyer also benefits from an intelligent LED lighting system that completely transforms the space to match your branding.

Organisers Office

  • Behind the Foyer is private access for the event organiser so you have space to ensure your event is running smoothly. A PC with internet access, printer and scanner are included in this room.