Planning your perfect conference at Congress Centre

Your conference is unique, from the speakers you engage and the content they generate to the delegates you host and the food you serve, we appreciate that your event is one of a kind. Here at Congress Centre, we hold dozens of conferences every year and we love being a part of every event’s individual achievements. However, being privy to the inside story at a large number of events, we’ve come to realise that as different as they may seem on the outside, there are a few things all successful conferences have in common. Let us take you through our observations…

Brilliant branding

To offer your delegates a completely immersive experience at your conference, you need them to feel at one with your brand from the moment they step foot in your venue. The dedicated registration area at Congress Centre comes with a 103 inch plasma screen which offers you the opportunity to give your attendees that warm welcome, with whatever message or branding you choose to display. Getting proceedings off on the right foot will set the tone for what is sure to be a fabulous day.

Throughout the rest of the building, seamless branding opportunities will allow you to maintain that connection with your guests as their day unfolds. For example, in our main space, Congress Hall, there’s an 18ft, drop down screen on its stage – perfect for any digital messaging – and the room also has an in-built, intelligent lighting system which will allow you to subtly colour co-ordinate the space in your company colours. All other rooms within our London conference venue will give you the opportunity to reinforce your branding, giving your guests a consistent, immersive experience.

Flawless flow

As an organiser, you will need to choose a venue that comprises different spaces which offer your delegates an easy, natural flow through your schedule. Congress Centre’s registration area joins the Foyer – perfect for welcome drinks and refreshments – which in turn joins the main space, Congress Hall, which subsequently joins the Congress Suite which is ideal for breakouts, lunch, networking or exhibitions. We also have a range of meeting suites on the upper floors of the building should you require more privacy or smaller breakout spaces for seminars or board meetings.

Although a large part of the flow of a conference is down to the logistics of the space you’ve hired, the conference schedule also has an important part to play in optimising the tempo and rythym of your day. Calculating the perfect amount of downtime, number of refreshment breaks and length of your networking sessions will ensure your attendees have the energy to be on top form – a crucial element in the success of any event.

Diligent delegating

We understand how important every little detail of your conference is to you. It’s your baby! But no event organiser can, or should, try and do everything themselves. When you choose your venue, you need to make sure you trust the in-house event staff to become an extension of your team and to hand over responsibility for certain aspects of the planning to them. We find the most successful conferences at Congress Centre are the ones whose organisers are open to ideas and support from us. No one knows a venue like the people who work there, day in day out, and who have hosted dozens, if not hundreds of events there. Take some time to get to know the individuals who you’ll be working with and take all the help they offer, it’ll give you time to take a step back and concentrate on the big picture. We’re confident the individuals you will be working with and the staff who will be serving your guests on the big day will be professional, friendly and will go above and beyond in making sure your day is the best it can be.

Venue’s vitals

Wherever you choose to host your next event, there is a fundamental ‘must-have’ list for any venue that makes it onto your shortlist.

This should include the following:

Location checklist – A successful conference is one that is held in a venue which is easy to reach on public transport, has lots of shops and attractions on its doorstep and a range of hotels nearby for budgets of all sizes.

Our location – Congress Centre is in the heart of London’s West End, just a few minutes’
walk from Tottenham Court Road Underground station, theatre-land and some of London’s
finest shops.

AV checklist – You’ll want your venue to have plenty of large, high-definition screens, a fabulous lighting system and high-end speakers. Equally important is that your venue has an expert, in-house tech team who can support you on the day and in the run up to your event.

Our AV credentials – We have an 18ft, drop down screen on the stage in our main space and several other, large plasmas. We also have surround sound with voice enhancement speakers, a Yamaha digital mixing desk and an infra-red hearing loop plus a very lengthy list of AV extras. Our highly experienced technicians are available to hire and can offer you as much support and advice as you need.

Catering – Food might not be the reason people attend your conference, but it will certainly be one of the reasons its heralded a roaring success. You’ll need to ensure your venue’s catering team has a good track record in producing and serving delicious food for all the F&B requirements of your day. (Don’t forget to check out the quality of the hot drinks, too – a delegate’s morning can be ruined by an unpleasant cup of coffee!)

Our kitchens – Our catering team takes pride in every morsel they prepare and serve from mid-morning snacks to three-course, sit-down dinners. Their menus are carefully curated to reflect current trends but our chefs are equally happy to create bespoke dishes if there’s something particular you have in mind.

Your next conference at Congress Centre

If you want to join our portfolio of clients who have held successful conferences at our London event venue, then give our Event Team a call on 020 7467 1318 or drop them an email via They will be happy to discuss your next project and your ideal dates.

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