The Tech Trends Transforming Events

Tech has changed every aspect of the world in which we live and the events industry is no exception. From virtual solutions and live streaming to events apps and touch screens, tech has infiltrated almost every element of a conference organisers’ checklist and here at Congress Centre, we’re embracing the benefits these advancements can bring. Employing cutting-edge tech not only makes the planning journey run more smoothly it can also create a more impactful event, enhancing the experience of each and every one of your guests. 


We’ve been involved in dozens of events in the last year which have taken advantage of the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment here at our London conference venue. We wanted to share with you the changes that we’ve seen and how organisers are making the most of the forward-thinking AV and technological options out there. 


Advanced audio-visual integration

When you’re looking for a conference venue there are so many things to consider. Location, capacity, catering options, and of course if you want somewhere with a bit of a ‘wow factor’ too. Checking out a venue’s audio-visual equipment often falls quite low on an organiser’s list of requirements, but in our experience, ensuring all of your short-listed spaces have exceptional audio-visual technology and support is one of the most important things to guarantee a truly memorable event. 


Surround sound

We would suggest you always make sure your auditorium has a Surround Sound system. The Bose Surround Sound system at Congress Centre has ceiling voice enhancement speakers which means that all your audience will be able to hear every word your speakers are saying. It may sound like a very basic requirement for a conference venue, but you’d be surprised at how much of a difference, excellent sound quality can make in creating a more immersive conference experience.  


Cutting-edge projection 

Seeing high-quality images on sharp, large screens is also another simple, but hugely effective way to use the latest technology to help enhance your delegates’ experience. Any hi-tech conference venue should have a number of large screens and powerful projectors. Congress Centre’s main space, Congress Hall has a Panasonic, high definition 20,000 lumens projector and an 18ftx10ft screen on an elevated stage. We also have several other screens that can be display supporting material in adjoining spaces. 


Hybrid event capabilities

One of the most innovative and significant changes we’ve seen in the conference and event industry in the last few years is the introduction of hybrid events. We know this is a shift that’s here to stay so we’ve made sure we have the technology to support seamless streaming so your virtual delegates get as much out of your event as your physical guests.  Our AV solutions for hybrid events also mean that your remote audience can interact with Q&As and panel discussions in real-time with your in-person attendees and speakers. We believe it’s this interaction between different audiences that makes for a truly successful hybrid event. 


Contactless technology

Since the pandemic, contactless technology has become ever more prevalent in all areas of life, events arguably being one of the most affected industries. 


Touchless registration and digital badges

One of the things our clients tell us they love most about Congress Centre, is our dedicated registration area. The large space gives attendees time to come into the warm and check in with minimal fuss or queues. Several of our clients have chosen to use touchless registration, with QR codes and scanners, creating a smooth, safe process. We’re also noticing a move towards digital badges, rather than physical lanyards with paper inserts. Although this technology is far from mainstream, we don’t think it will be long before the tech is adopted by more organisers. 


Event apps

There are lots of apps on the market which organisers can encourage delegates to download. These can be used, amongst other things, for personalised scheduling, networking, accessing data and handout material, uploading social media posts and view messages from sponsors. We’re confident that whichever event app you choose for your conference, the high-speed WiFi at Congress Centre will be able to support your delegates as they use it. 


Virtual venue tours

The best conference venues will have recognised the virtues of virtual venue tours. While there’s nothing quite like visiting a space in the flesh virtual tours are essential to organisers as they collate a short list of their favourite places. As well as helping organisers, we find guests often enjoy being able to familiarise themselves with our building and its layout before they attend an event here. 


Immersive networking opportunities

Planning a successful conference requires creating networking opportunities for your delegates, whether they are there in person, or attending online. Congress Centre has lots of different spaces, several of them adjoining our main auditorium, which lend themselves well to networking, breakout sessions or catering. Interactive exhibits and displays are regularly used by our clients to help spark conversation and create bonding opportunities for their delegates. Online, there are all sorts of programmes you can use with break-out rooms, ice-breaker games and helpful introduction tools which means your virtual delegates can also make new connections. 


Ready to elevate your next conference?

If you’re looking for a central London conference venue with high-end AV equipment, we pride ourselves on being one of the best-equipped buildings in the capital. You can take a look at what technical kit comes included in each of our spaces and we also have an extensive inventory of other items to hire


If you think Congress Centre might be the right fit for your next event, give our friendly, professional event team a call on 020 7467 1318 or drop them an email via


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